What Is Link to the Past? (The Origin of the What Is ? Gamer)


Hello, everyone, and welcome to the inaugural post by me, The What Is ? Gamer. With the recent addition to Breath of the Wild into the official timeline, I thought to myself, it would be appropriate, at this time, to reflect on the reason why I play video games. After pouring through the many videogame franchises that I have experienced over my 36 years in life, one soul franchise has never failed in requiring my sole, undivided, and most loved attention.

In 1992, The Legend of Zelda: Link to the Past was released in North America on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System, or the SNES for short. It was the only official Zelda sequel to be released on the SNES. The SNES’s 16-bit capabilities enhanced the look and sound of the original Legend of Zelda without taking away from the overall feeling of adventure.



I was too young to really experience the original Legend of Zelda, because in 1987, I was in kindergarten, and really, Super Mario Brothers was more my speed. But I remember begging my dad to buy this game for me and it was the first of many times this would happen in the future. The original game’s shining gold cartridge with a shield on the front struck such wonder in my 5-year-old heart. After a bit of a struggle, my dad decided to buy the game for me, and proceeded to take it home and play it from start to finish, while I watched with wide-eyed amazement.

So it’s Christmas in 1992, and Zelda: Link to the Past has just come out. At this point, I had been playing Legend of Zelda for a while and had really begun to grasp the controls and enjoy the game’s storyline. Thankfully, when I opened the box that morning and realized I had gotten the thing I most wanted, I lifted up the box and squealed over my Christmas miracle. Thus began my passion for video games and once beginning my journey as the hero, young Link, set off into The Land of Hyrule, and never looked back. Now, let me tell you more about this game that I love so much.

Link to the Past, at its core, is a 2D action/adventure game about exploration, combat and discovery. It is the story of young Link, a boy living near Hyrule Castle with his uncle, who is awakened one night by a strange voice and told that he has to save a princess from certain peril. The Princess, Zelda, has been locked in the dungeon of Hyrule Castle, and needs his help. He gets out of bed to find his uncle equipping his sword and his shield, and scolding Link for being out of bed. He tells him to remain there, and sets off for the castle. Of course, he ignores his uncle’s command, and begins his own journey to the source of the voice. When he arrives at the castle, he finds his uncle gravely wounded, and with his last words, asks Link to save Princess Zelda, and gives him his sword and his shield. From there, Link sets out to rescue Princess Zelda from the castle and begins and epic adventure in the Land of Hyrule, a world that would eventually captivate over 4 million people worldwide.

I honestly believe that this game could appeal to anybody, especially young gamers who have never experienced the joy and satisfaction that a retro Zelda game can provide. The game has an overall appealing story, with light animated violence, zero blood, and a charming atmosphere that will send you scurrying from corner to corner of the game itself to enjoy all it has to offer. There’s really nothing offensive about this game, so it’s literally appropriate for gamers of all ages, and that in & of itself is the major appeal of the game. After 26 years, it has lost no momentum and is a franchise that is still selling more games than most others.



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