What Is Chip N’ Dale Rescue Rangers?


In the late ’80’s & early ’90’s, not many other companies could rival Capcom when it came to 2D side-scrolling fun. In 1989, they made a splash hit with Disney’s Ducktales, which is one of the greatest NES games any way you look at it. In 1990, they continued making great games like Chip N’ Dale: Rescue Rangersbased on the 1988 cartoon series of the same name, which centered around the adventures of two beloved Disney chipmunks, Chip and Dale. In the cartoon series, which ran for three seasons, its final episode airing in 1990, Chip and Dale, along with their friends, turn cartoon crime-fighters. The cartoon was packed with action and adventure, and is honestly perfect for kids as well as adults who happen to be watching along with their kids.


So let’s talk about the game itself. Chip N’ Dale: Rescue Rangers is really everything you could want in a retro side-scrolling game. It has a great cartoon style that you have no problem discerning from the cartoon series itself. You can choose to play as Chip, Dale, or choose two-player. It has tight controls, but provides a fair amount of challenge without turning off the casual gamer. In this game, Chip and Dale are tasked with finding their friend’s lost kitten when they discover that the streets are inexplicably filled with roaming mechanical dogs and mice. When their fellow ranger Gadget is kidnapped by their arch nemesis Fatcat. Chip and Dale set out on a fun filled romp through 8 levels and against all odds to rescue their friend and bring the dastardly cartoon crook Fatcat to justice.

After having played this game very recently I still believe this one holds up in any NES collection. Capcom would continue making great Disney games through the 90’s. Below I have listed some of the ways you can experience this gem.




Yes, they made a sequel!

Chip n’ Dale Cartoon Series



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